The Little Extras

Thinking about adding a little something extra to your sleepover - well, look no further!  We've got lots of ideas to keep your little ones happy, not to mention, busy!

Goodie Bags
Substitutions may be made due to unavailability of certain items


Sleepy Head Bag

£20.00 each

The absolute essentials needed to prepare for a good nights sleep following a fun-filled evening. Contents include:

  • Mini Toothbrush & toothpaste 

  • Personalised face cloth 

  • Novelty hand wash/sanitiser

  • Themed lip balm

  • Novelty flip-open hairbrush

  • Themed sleep mask

  • Handmade soap

Glam Bag

£20.00 each

Looking to give your guests a little bit of glitz and glamour to take home with them, then this is your bag!  Contents include:

  • Funky Coloured hair chalk

  • Glitter body gel

  • Glitter/Chrome Nail Varnish

  • Hair Scrunchie

  • 'Love it' bath bubbles

  • Peel-off face mask

  • Stick on face jewels

Boys' Awesome Mixed Bag

£20.00 each

We thought our boy besties would appreciate a glitter-free, mix of everything bag.  

Contents include:

  • Mini toothbrush & paste

  • Personalised face cloth

  • Handmade soap

  • Supa-bouncy ball

  • UV monster paint

  • Animal strap-on head light

  • Temporary tattoos

1 - 31.jpg

Must Have Goodie Bag

£20.00 each

The perfect must-have party bag - something special to take home and remind them of the best sleepover ever!  Contents include:

  • Themed pad and pen

  • Slow-rising squishy

  • PJ's butter slime

  • Friendship bracelet

  • Bomb cosmetics bath bomb

  • Themed keyring.

  • Themed Lip Balm

Our Glam & Spa Bar is the perfect mix of glitz, glam, pampering and fun. 

We will provide a beautiful table setting, (always age appropriate) and tons of goodies including fluffy head wraps, foot spas, eye gel masks, fabulous nail polish, unicorn snot body glitter, coloured hair chalk, lotions galore,and sparkly makeup to make your child's experience a fashionably memorable one!    


£12.00 per child
£27.50 per child with choice of our goodie bags

Glam & Spa Bar

Hot Chocolate Cart

With Novelty Mugs to keep                              £8.00 per child
With Personalised Mugs to keep                        £13.00 per child
All our solid hot chocolate stirrers are homemade with 100% Galaxy milk chocolate and Nestle white chocolate.  Just heat the milk, stir in the chocolate spoon and add the yummy toppings.   We even provide the squirtey cream!    Order your choice of mugs, either fun hot chocolate novelty mugs or gorgeous personalised mugs. Whatever you choose you get to keep them!   .

Personalised Sweet Jars

This must be every kid's dream come true!  We stuff a 600ml  jar full of your children's favourite sweets, personalise with their name, wrap it up in a big bow and leave on their tray ready to be attacked as soon as the party begins!

IMG_2387 2.jpeg

£9.50 per Jar


Personalised Pillowcase

White Egyptian cotton pillowcase embroidered with guest's name in themed colour.  (1 weeks notice needed for this extra). 


The Nerf Experience

Nerf Gun Hire                                         £7.50 per child

Fire and strike fast in a Nerf war battle with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor blaster! This quick-draw blaster has a rotating drum that holds up to 6 darts.  Fire 1 dart at a time, or unleash all 6 darts in rapid succession with slam-fire action. The N-Strike Elite Disruptor fires darts up to 90 feet. We will also supply 50 darts for each child. 

Nerf Gun Tactical Vest                           £4.50 per child

To really look the part we also include the Tactical Vest Kit! It includes ammo and Quick Reload Clips.  There’s a pocket for blaster storage so you can carry some backup firepower, and another pocket for whatever else you need to complete the mission!

Small (12 donuts)        £25.00 
Large (24 donuts)       £40.00

Donut Wall

1 - 269.jpg

Watch your guests faces light up when they see our 'Donut Wall'. A super cute idea for your sleepover party.