All you need to know to set up your PJ's Little Sleepover Party

Instructions for Setting Up

and taking down of PJ’s Sleepover Party

Hi!  Thank you so much for trusting us with your child’s special celebration - we will do everything we can to make it a very memorable occasion.


I’d like to just say from the outset, setting up is very simple so please don’t worry.  You should allow about 15 minutes per guest (a party of 4 should take about an hour). Taking it down is a lot quicker.


In the rare instance that you believe something is missing please call us immediately on 07912 028960 and we will do everything we can to rectify it.

So, down to business.   Below is a list of the order that we usually find the easiest to stick to but please feel free to go off piste! 

  1. Position all mattresses where you want them in the room ensuring there is enough space  for children to walk down the middle.   

  2. Lay a mattress protector on each bed 

  3. Fit all with a fitted sheet.  They do not fit exactly as the folding beds are a bespoke size

  4. Take a blanket and fold into a neat square and lay on the top of bed (the children’s head will stick out of the end of the tent).

  5. Put a cushion on each blanket.

  6. Assemble the tent away from the mattress and then carry to mattress and place over the top of mattress ensuring the frame end with the little plastic hooks is facing the front. Also make sure the tent frame is lined up with the back of the mattress giving plenty of space for the children to stick their heads out of the other end!

  7. Fix the frame lights into the plastic hooks and test that they work.

  8. Hang the garland lights between the tents.  You may have to play around with these to get the right length.

  9. Hang the named chalk boards over the front cross of the tent frame and if applicable tie on the pompom bundle or additional frame decoration.

  10. Open up trays by turning them over on the floor and gently pressing the middle which will release the legs.  Open both legs and when in correct position gently push down securing them in place.

  11. Put one over each mattress and place a tray light on each.

  12. If you have any extras to set up like the Hot chocolate cart, etc the Instructions will be inside the box with all the equipment.

  13. If you have a problem with any part of this set up please call me on 07912 028960 and I’ll help you as much as I can over the phone.

  14. We have given you some spares just in case anything has been marked or damaged.

  15. When disassembling please put the laundry (fitted sheets, mattress protectors and blankets in a separate bag).

  16. That’s it!  Piece of Cake! Good luck!!

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